A pro se litigant (pronounced Pro Say) is an individual who is self representing oneself in court without an attorney.

Rights do not enforce themselves!

Your first Right is the right to know how to enforce your rights. This pro se litigation law course will provide the student with the knowledge to both prosecute others (plaintiff) and defend oneself in both state and federal courts, civil or criminal. Or, if you hire an attorney, this same legal knowledge will protect you from unscrupulous lawyers..


It's important not to jump around, this law course builds upon itself from previous lessons. It is recommend you first read the entire course from beginning to end like a Perry Mason Novel. Upon completion your first thought will be “This is easy, I need to go back and study!” After studying the law course, in order to be prepared, it's suggested you review it at least once a year.


1. Introduction (Open)

2, Surviving In Court (Open)

3. Essential Elements (Open)

4. Planning Your Case (Open)

5. Evidence (Open)

6. Objections (Open)

7. Pleadings (Open)

8. Complaints (Open)

9. Answers (Open)

10. Affirmative Defenses (Open)

11. Discovery (Open)

12. Motions and Hearings (Open)

13. Sample Legal Forms (Open)